Tuesday, July 6, 2010

speak for thyself, oh congress

i am confused on how it is that the congress can continue to find the money for war in afghanistan and to support all the troops in the middle east but cannot find another dime for extended unemployment for the folks who pay the salaries of that very congress. i think congress needs a pay cut, should pay for his.her own health insurance and do that "save your own money for your pension" thingy which is highly recommended by angle and paul...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

from my friend on facebook......(Bruce Asbury)" I think we need to stop feeling guilty about slavery. Virtually the entire Western world maintained slavery well into the 1800's. Yes, it was terrible..BUT we learned it from the Brits, the French, the Danes, the Spanish etc. In the East and Mideast, slavery continued into the 20th century. In many African countries, slavery continues to this day. It was horrible...and it is horrible. But I didn't do it...and I have stopped feeling guilty about it. I voted for Obama as my penance."

i'm not certain how i feel about bruce's post. i like bruce alot and that makes me less concerned...but if we don't feel a bit angry or have this tragedy in some part of our collective brains, then i worry that with the conservative zest and the tea party peeps that have leaders like rand paul and sarah palin..we may relapse from our very short history of trying to equalize the war between the white man and any other color man. who gives a shit where or from whom we learned it? it just isn't enough to say it was horrible. we have mexicans risking everything to work for the lowest wages in the country, who do our biding as nannies, gardeners, caretakers, diaper changes of the young and old, cleaning and all the worst jobs that no one will do...same kind of jobs...living in shacks, hiding from the white man, being arrested, terrorized and used. i do feel guilty. don't think it matters that bruce or i didn't do it...it matters because it exists.

rachel maddow

wonderful rachel maddow interviewed that hideous man, richard cohen who thinks he can make gay peeps straight. unfortunately for him, though. he can't make stupid people like himself, smart. what an idiot...he didn't even know what he wrote in his own "book"....another apocalyptic moron.

I-75 big jesus

i have just been thinking about all the peeps on line, fb and blogs who are believers is jesus and christ but hardly EVER say one thing about god...i am wondering if some very right, conservative religious folks don't "get" that god is a spirit in our souls whereas jesus seems ever so much easier to follow because he was a "person"...even to the extent that they mourned the lightening fire of the big jesus on I-75....that big white guy...according to biblical historians, jesus was short, dark and had curly black hair and did not look like max von sydow.
just checking to see if i can get on this thing...oooookaaaay,

fourth of july

today is my first blog ever. it is the fourth of july and after going outside i have decided that i can't participate in any outdoor activities today....it's over 90 and murderously humid...i stand by al gore and the climate change..

this is the time of my 65 years of life that i feel i can say what i really think . if not now, when.

today i am thinking about the animals stuck and dying in the gulf. so sad to know more death and destruction will continue. thinking maybe the families of the 11 men who burnt to crisps are not really celebrating the fourth.

vince and i are watching '16 candles"...on my top ten of hilarious films of all time..(HFAT),