Sunday, July 4, 2010

fourth of july

today is my first blog ever. it is the fourth of july and after going outside i have decided that i can't participate in any outdoor activities's over 90 and murderously humid...i stand by al gore and the climate change..

this is the time of my 65 years of life that i feel i can say what i really think . if not now, when.

today i am thinking about the animals stuck and dying in the gulf. so sad to know more death and destruction will continue. thinking maybe the families of the 11 men who burnt to crisps are not really celebrating the fourth.

vince and i are watching '16 candles"...on my top ten of hilarious films of all time..(HFAT),



  1. i wanna be john cusack when i grow up

  2.'s hilarious..he had like a practically hidden name in the titles...."take those ridiculous things OFF"

  3. "i can't believe my grandmother actually felt me up."